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Jul 25, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the shooting the suspect james holmes mailed a package to the university of colorado anschutz medical campus where he had been a student. the package had been sent to a psychiatrist who was also holmes' professor but that package wasn't discovered until monday, three days after the shooting. this story is just breaking tonight and our senior correspondent john miller has details. john, what do we know? >> reporter: scott, this was not unexpected. as we reported, u.s. postal inspectors have been searching through the mailboxes near the suspect's home looking for letters or packages james holmes might have sent out. they didn't find any, but now we know that's because the package had already been sent even before the shooting. on monday afternoon, investigators scoured the mail room at the university of colorado and found what they've been searching for-- a piece of mail from the alleged shooter, james holmes. but before opening it, the sheriff's bomb squad handled it with a robot and took an x-ray just in case there were explosives inside. sources say the letter was from a pent-up holmes to o
Jul 2, 2012 11:35pm PDT
and a blockbuster breakup as katie holmes shocks tom cruise with divorce papers. and tensions mount around daughter suri. we ask what role scientology might have played in the superstar split. >>> think fast, johnny depp, angelina jolie and the hollywood elite. >> please welcome ashton curber's dad! >> while he may not be making friends in hollywood, his smash hit "the office" has been making his fans. we hang with the seriously funny ricky gervais. >>> plus, cnn's anderson cooper tells the world he's gay in a simple e-mail exchange. a lot has changed since ellen degeneres' "time" magazine cover. tonight, how more and more celebrities are coming out casually. >> from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden, and bill weir in new york city. this is "nightline," july 2nd, 2012. >> good evening. i'm terry moran. tonight, an extremely rich hollywood couple, high-profile religion and divorce battle that's about to thrust both of them even further into the spotlight. katie holmes blind-sided tom cruise with divorce papers after five years of marriage and she's asking for full
Jul 2, 2012 11:35pm EDT
the and a block buster break up as katie holmes shocks tom cruise with divorce papers. what will scientology might have played in the superstar split. >>> think fast, johnny dep, angelina jolie and the hollywood elite. while he may not be making friends in hollywood, his smash hit, the office, has been making his fans. >>> plus, cnn's anderson cooper tells the world he's gay in a simple e-mail exchange. a lot has changed since elen degeneral rhus, tonight how more and more celebrities are coming out casually. >>> this is "nightline," july 2, 2012. >> good evening. i'm terry mor reason. tonight an extremely rich hollywood couple, high profile religion and divorce battle that's about to thrust both of them into the spotlight. katie holmes blind sided tom cruise with divorce papers after five years of marriage and asking for full custody of their daughter, suri. it's a surprise move that's raised a delicate question of faith and marriage. could cruise's famous devotion to the church of scientology be one of the causes of the split? here is abc's dan harris. >> reporter: in the celebrity divorces, thi
Jul 10, 2012 4:00am EDT
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Jul 20, 2012 4:00pm EDT
gunman now identified as 24-year-old james eagan holmes. he was arrested outside the theater near the back of a apartment. outside police found three weapons in that car, another gun was found inside the theater. authorities evacuated everyone in the suspect's apartment building by 4:00 a.m. after he warned them that his home was booby trapped. when they broke in later they found incendiary and chemical devices as well as apparent trip wires. police are still on the scene at that apartment. let's get the very latest right now starting with cnn's ed lavandera. he's over at the movie theater where all of this unfolded. what is the very latest, ed? >> reporter: wolf, we've just confirmed with a law enforcement source as to where these four guns were purchased. we've been told by this law enforcement source that all four guns were purchased legally within the last six months. two of the guns were purchased at a bass pro shop in the city of denver. one of the guns was purchased at a mountain gander gun store here in the town of aurora. another was purchased at a gander mountain in thor
Jul 25, 2012 6:30pm EDT
>> pelley: tonight, there was an early warning of the movie theater massacre. james holmes sent a letter before the killings. reports from john miller and anna werner as the first victim is laid to rest. what grows in a drought? food prices. dean reynolds on how much more you'll be paying. rebels claim they now control half of syria's biggest city. clarissa ward is in syria. elizabeth palmer across the border in lebanon. and nasa's mission to mars. >> this mission is the coolest thing i think we've ever done. >> pelley: bill whitaker on why it's being called "seven minutes of terror." >> pelley: good evening, no one saw the movie it out days before thecoul ng suspect james it out days before thecoul ng suspect james d been sent to correspondent john miller detail cted. reporte u.s. p might sent out.they didn't fint know the pa butf's bomb it ives inside. sources say the a pent-up holmes to of his psors. in it he ta psors. in it he ta people andd crude s. days rooday's shooting butbee procesl former profiler mary ellen says we may see more letters from mary ellen says we may se
FOX News
Jul 7, 2012 11:30am PDT
, katie holmes, that was in 2005, now a scant five years and wedded bliss later, the fairy tale marriage is apparently kaput. and holmes secretly filed for divorce from cruise and the exact reasons are yet to be disclosed, but the media have dubbed tom's religion, scientology as the reason. why are we so fascinated with tom and katie? >> why not? they're both actors, they're celebrities. they're both playing this for what it's worth. >> she handles this very, very well from a media standpoint, but it's going to get ugly because the charges do involve a religion, and they've already seen from rupert murdoch's tweets it's going to raise questions. >> can't we leave these poor people alone. here is what i think the church of scientology is concerned about is and should be, is the media coverage of a trial. and according to it, the church was heavy handed on katie holmes and or her children, and if it gets in court a lot of the inner workings of scientology could come out which are kind of bizarre. >> should the media call this a religion? is it really a religion? >> well, you know, you get
Jul 27, 2012 10:00pm PDT
his mental state or whether he was medicated it turns out james holmes was under the care of a psychiatrist before the attack cbs reporter and a warner with more on the doctor who is treating him. a motion filed by james holds public defender reveals that he was under the care is a crisis and then send dr. fans and the is the medical director of student mental health services at the university of colorado denver and the medical campus homes as a graduate student at the school. earlier this week school officials said students were monitored by mental health specialists. the faculty and program leadership me down a regular basis to discuss how the students are doing the stars and difficult students. a package sent by a homeless to dr. fenton was recovered by police in the schoolroom on monday. sources say the package contained a letter written by holmes a describes shooting people it's unclear when holmes sent package. holmeses lawyers say the discovery of the letter should never have been made public because it contains communications from mr. holmes a doctor fenton that mr
Jul 20, 2012 6:30pm PDT
, por quÉ james holmes disparÓ, donde consiguiÓ las armas, tenemos una amplia cobertura, luis viajÓ a aurora, tiene la Última conferencia de prensa, luis adelante. > >>> adelante luis. >>> jorge, buenas tardes, la policÍa en aurora colorado, dio detalles de la investigaciÓn, es lo Último que sabemos hasta el momento, sigue habiendo doce muertos, y 70 heridos, 30 hospitalipaza dos, y once en estado critico, se recuperaron los cuerpos del teatro, el sospechoso comprÓ 4 armas legalmente en Últimos dos meses en armerias del Área de denver. por internet mÁs de 6 mil balas. james holmes de 24 aÑos, el lunes se presentaal automÓvil rÁ ante la corte. >>> las escenas luego de la medianoche en aurora colorado, va mÁs alla de pelÍculas mÁs violentas de hollywood pudieron imaginar, la sala estaba repleta, estrenaban la Última pelÍcula de batman, un hombre de negro, con una mascara, arrojÓ una granada de gas lacrimÓgeno, y comenzÓ a disparar, doce espectadores, y 59 resultaron heridos, entre ellos un bebÉ de 3 meses de edad. chris ramos estaba en el cine, se salvÓ casi de m
Jul 23, 2012 7:00am EDT
is on assignment. accused killer james holmes heads to court today as we learn details on how the colorado massacre could have been even worse. >> i'm norah o'donnell. new calls for gun control after friday's tragedy. both sides are now digging in. >>> i'm gayle king in los angeles. it could be one of the harshest penalties the ncaa handed down. penn state prepares to hear its fate in the wake of the sandusky scandal. >>> but first as we do every morning, we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> who are remembered are the good people impacted by this tragedy. >> colorado mourns as investigators search for answers. >> we refuse to even allow our state, our communities to be defined by irrational senseless violence. >> the booby trapped apartment of the accused mass murderer james holmes was "designed to ki kill". >> makes his first court appearance monday morning. >> some of the gravely injured may not survive. at least seven remain in critical condition. >> i beat you. i made it. you didn't take my life. you didn't take my friend's life either. >> should we reinstate
Jul 26, 2012 2:35am EDT
of holmes at his first court appearance he wants to tell holmes he foregives him and wants to pray for him. >> that take is a gracious spirit. it take is a while to get to that place. >>> the suspect in a mass shooting is being told if he doesn't shave his beard it will be removed for him. the army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people at fort hood in texas three years ago. another dark moment in this country. he did appear in court yesterday with the beard that he sported at a hearing last s month. it is in violation of army rules, but he claims it is an expression of his muslim faith. >>> penn state trustees now admit things could have been ape lot worse for the university's football program. the school is now confirming that it faced the threat of a four-year ban on football. that so-called death penalty has not been used against a school since back in 1987. the trustees say penn state's punishment was unfortunate, but certainly better than the alternative. >>> federal agents are going to review two deadly police shootings in southern california. the shootings have sparked four da
Jul 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
in the county jail are saying about suspect james holmes. >>> we are live in walnut creek where many church goers here are trying to make sense of the incident in colorado. >>> a chp officer calls for help after his patrol car is hit and shots were fired. what happened and the search for suspects this morning. . >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "mornings on 2". it is sunday, july 22nd. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> we will go to rosemary orozco with what we can expect. you said it was a nice one, rosemary. >> that's right. we are not going to be as hot. we have signs already this morning. a deep are marine layer and numbers are down. minor drops in temps will come when the sea breeze picks up just a bit more. it will continue as we get back into the work week. we will have the numbers for you, coming up. >>> colorado authorities are refuting reports that they are looking at a second suspect. a denver tv station said they were trying to investigate a second person in the case. they said this individual is an acquaintance of james holmes and they are trying to track down a
Jul 25, 2012 7:00pm EDT
it ives inside. sources say the a pent-up holmes to of his psors. in it he ta psors. in it he ta people andd crude s. days rooday's shooting butbee procesl former profiler mary ellen says we may see more letters from mary ellen says we may see more letters from >> particularly because of differe crime that put them in that mail room and apparently the lead came indirectly from holmes himself. apparently some time after his arrest he mentioned that a letter had gone to the school from him and that's what they were looking for. >> pelley: john, thanks very much. as you know, holmes is in jail tonight under investigation in the shooting that killed 12 and wounded 43. anna werner is outside that jail in centennial, colorado. anna, what did you find out today? >> reporter: scott, public defender daniel king got his chance to go inside the apartment of his client, james holmes, today, the police where the 24-year-old allegedly plotted last friday's shooting. king and his team were in the apartment for about an hour. we could see them walking around through the broken window. this comes one d
Jul 8, 2012 7:00pm PDT
holmes versus tom cruise. what's behind it? >> so there's really almost a third person in that marrie? the third person being the church? >> absolutely. >> the church. >> i really like it. and i think it's really wonderful. >> or something else? josh menkowicz with inside details. >> that's something that tom cruise has never, ever encountered before. >> on the movie marriage that's gone way off script. >>> also tonight, they were at the end of their rope. something was wrong with their son. >> my child was broken. i just wanted it fixed. >> and when he was six, this was the fix. joey became josie. >> did you feel like you were trapped in the wrong body? >> yeah. >> how old do you think you were when you started feeling like that. >> always. i always knew. >> a transgender child. can it really happen to someone this young? >> you're talking about giving you hormones and doing blockers and all that kind of stuff. is that something that you want to do? >> yes. >> and are these parents doing the right thing? >> most people feel like you ought to wait until a child is much older. >> hoda
Jul 28, 2012 8:00am EDT
james holmes. his legal team's file yesterday revealed he was a psychiatric patient and was seeing a university of colorado doctor. we'll have those details coming up. the doctor was an expert in schizophrenia. you have to wonder if she saw signs he could possibly do it. >> fairly or not, people asking if she could have perhaps stopped it. >>> the woman who admitted to hiring hitmen, yes, hitmen, plural, to kill her ex-lover's socialite wife, no less than three times she did this. she's cut a plea deal. she's going to be going to prison. why is the intended victim so furious? that story is coming up. >>> we start with the opening ceremonies. a quirky, clamorous pageant. they loaded it with the queen to mr. bean, sir paul to the woman who invested harry potter. bill weir is covering the games for abc news. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. so great to be back on "gma" week end, especially since it's noon here in gorge london. the city still buzzing after last night. it was everything you might expect from a land that gave us shakespeare, the sex pistols and monty python.
Jul 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
: that suspect will be in court today for an arraignment. police say that james holmes has now lawyered up and is now longer cooperating. he could face the death penalty. holmes is being held in solitary confinement. he is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 5 # others in the movie theater massacre friday. hundreds of people gathered for a prayer vigil in you're ore a colorado to remember the victims. those killed ranged in age from six years old to 51. police say that holmes was covered head to toe in body armor and was armed with an assault rifle, shotgun and handgun when he opened fire on the crowded theater over the weekend. aurora's mayor remind the community of the strength and resolve to get through this tragedy. >> we will remember you. we will honor you by celebrating life. we will honor you by living our lives a little better. >> it is not this senseless act of violence that marks us as a community. it is the lives and acts of these heroes and the innumerable acts of kindness, love and care for our neighbors that defines who we are. >> reporter: yesterday, police cleared th
Jul 2, 2012 7:00am PDT
and katie holmes' seemingly perfect marriage over. why is katie suing for sole custody of suri? new revelations we'll bring to you this morning. ♪ >>> it's america's biggest birthday party ever. we're kicking off an epic week long fourth of july celebration, from the hottest beauty secrets to the coolest dogs. the sweetest celebration, only on "gma." >>> and you're going to be hearing from katy perry a little bit later here on "good morning america." good morning, everyone. george is taking time off. we have josh back. the people are going crazy that you're back. that's why they're here. >> i'm just one man. >> turns out sleep is rather important to the human body. >> who knew? >> who knew? >> boy, we love having them all in times square. >>> good news for the folks visiting us on vacation. if you're hitting the road for the fourth of july break, the gas won't cost you as much to fill up the tank as the gas prices continue to plummet. >> good news for a lot of folks. >>> exclusive video of the family of the american graduate student that was attacked by chimps. they're arriving at
Jul 26, 2012 2:35am EDT
at the school where holmes had been a student. the school maintains it is unable to discuss anything further about holmes or that package citing a gag order placed on the case by a judge. larry jacobs, ax nebc news, new york. >> wonderful news the medical bills will be partially or entirely retired. one of the new details that came out, on june 7, after james took a key oral exam, he went out to a sporting goods store and bought one of the rifles he used in the attack. three days later he withdrew from the program. he ultimately did fail the exam by the way. so, now they're wondering was the academic failure something that triggered whatever episode he had that led to the shooting? other situation, maybe a recent breakup with a girlfriend. that would have been a factor as well. no one knows for sure. speculative >> he had been ordering shipments for four months. it's hard to think that one -- triggered it. >> mental illness lying it all and breakup or failure at school triggered it and brought it violently to the surface. a theory. >> we heard a theme of forgiveness. a lot of the survivors s
Jul 26, 2012 1:40am PDT
linked to james holmes is sending shock waves through the investigation. it's thursday, july 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good thursday morning, everybody. i'm paula faris. or as rob likes to call it friday eve. >> friday eve. just makes it psychologically easier towards the end of the week. >> could we say tgife? >> there you go. >> thank god it's friday eve. >> there you go. see, well done, paula. you are always thinking. >> not really. >> good morning, everybody. i am rob nelson. we'll explain how the colorado investigation is taking a strange new turn. we'll get to that in a second. >>> on top of that, olympic embarrassment. a big flag flap. i've got to say that slowly. >> oh, yes. hot water. >> just one big business that is not going as planned in london. it's been a rough start by all accounts. some security issues and then traffic issues. we have the flag dust-up. kind of been -- eh. >> the opening ceremony hasn't even happened. >> we have miles to go. >> also coming up. an 11-year-old boy with a runaway story for the ages. how did he hop
Jul 8, 2012 7:00pm EDT
-life split of katie holmes and tom cruise. friends say there's a lot more at stake than a movie star breakup. a child's fate hangs in the balance. tonight, inside details about the divorce drama. here's josh menkowicz. >> reporter: he's the guy who climbed that super sonic speed to the top of the hollywood heap and stayed there. >> tom cruise kind of is the ultimate movie star on this planet. >> reporter: she's the sweet young thing who pulled off her own mission impossible and married the star who was her teenage crush. >> i'm more and more in love every day. and it's like, wow! a hollywood fairytale playing out in real life. and then, just as suddenly, the fairytale was over. >> big news out of hollywood tonight. celebrity couple tom cruise and katie holmes are splitting up. >> reporter: katie holmes' bombshell, that she'd filed for divorce from tom cruise after five years of marriage, caught everyone off guard. including, apparently, her movie star husband. >> katie holmes behavior is as though she were escaping from alcatraz, from an open prison. >> reporter: the speculation was immediat
Jul 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
holmes at odds just days after she filed for divorce. why did she do it in new york? is she worried she's being followed? did scientology play a role in the split? we'll have new details. >>> elation and heartbreak, the u.s. olympic team rounding out its members with an exciting weekend of gymnastic, swimming and track and field trials. and there will be more drama for a spot in london, an unprecedented runoff today, july a spot in london, an unprecedented runoff today, july 2nd, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> and welcome to "today" on this monday morning. i'm natalie morales. >> i'm willie geist in for matt. natalie, look at some of these weekend temperatures. 108 in memphis, 107 in birmingham, 113 in columbia, south carolina. it just keeps going. the commute is shaping up to be a trying one for millions of people in the storm battled mid-atlantic. >> a lot of people suffering. a lot saying it could take emergency crews to restore power for 2 people who have been in the dark
Jul 28, 2012 8:00am EDT
know that the accused gunman, james holmes was under a psychiatrist's care. anna werner has more from colorado. >> any questions about that -- >> in his first court appearance, james holmes appeared disconnected from his surroundings. many questioned his mental status. now a motion filed by holmes' public defender shows he was being treated by a psychiatrist from his university dr. lynn fenton. fenton is the medical director at the university of colorado denver anschutz medical campus where holmes was a medical student. she's also the person who he sent a package to. cbs sources say the package contained a letter written by holmes that described shooting people. holmes' lawyers now say the discovery of the letter should never have been made public because it contained communications from mr. holmes to dr. fenton that mr. holmes asserts are privileged. >> meanwhile, the victims of last friday's shooting are being remembered at funerals and memorial services. one of those killed was 18-year-old a.j. boik who just graduated high school in may. those who knew
Jul 2, 2012 3:00am PDT
like myself. what really drove tom cruise and katie holmes apart? all the talk about religion, their child, and what happens next. >> and the rumor, reported over the weekend, that she is due $3 million for every year the marriage. she can walk away nearly $18 million. however this thing goes down. so but caught everybody offguard. nobody saw that coming. >> are we surprised? the scientology. >> tom has a hard time in love. >> not surprised. >>> all right, before we get to all of that, we get to nature's one-two punch. deadly summer storms and the unbearable heat that just will not go away. >> that's right. another round of severe weather slammed the mid-atlantic and southeast last night. this time three people were killed in north carolina. dozens injured. and the death toll from friday night's storm that knocked out power to three million now stands at 14. mostly from falling trees. heat advisories and warnings have been posted in 16 states today. more record highs are being shattered. >> that says it all. over the weekend, a long list of cities, broken records. highs in the
FOX News
Jul 20, 2012 10:00am PDT
the suspect is now identified as 24-year-old james homes. james holmes. he stormed the midnight showing of the bad man movie "the dark knight rises" he was wearing a gas mask and bulletproof vest. it was 12:00am mountain time. the batman premiere had begun. 20 minutes later chaos started. the suspect allegedly throwing a gas canister inside the theater. between 12:20 and 12:30 witnesses say the first shots were fired, and it may have lasted for up to 15 minutes. at 12:39 police were notified of this massacre. innocent people were lying lifeless inside. now we've been hearing witness accounts all day on the horror in this theater. but this next woman best describes how most people are feeling. >> we go out, we see the cop with his gun across his chest. we go out and the first thing we see is a 13, 14-year-old girl with a bullet wound in her leg, and her stomach, and probably her chest, and i think she was right there about to die. and we see everyone surrounded her, everyone was screaming, everyone is screaming, crying around there, and wee-wee didn't know what was going on whatsoever. w
Jul 6, 2012 1:40am PDT
up next, how katie holmes may have been planning for her breakup from tom cruise secretly for months. >>> and the family kicked out of a virginia country club because they were not considered a real family. you're watching "world news now." ♪ we are family ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters and me ed a real family. you're watching "world news now." ♪ we are family ♪ [ female announcer ] the vertical chair-climb. it's not an olympic sport, but it takes real effort and it takes a diaper that fits their every move. pampers cruisers with 3-way fit adapt at the waist, legs, and bottom for up to 12 hours of protection and all the freedom to play like a real champion. pampers. proud supporter of babies' play. ♪ pampers. proud supporter of babies' play. switch from cascade to finish - over two million so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. and now... you can try finish quantum for free. visit us on facebook. ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters and me > >>> oh, feel like a wedding. >> well now to a story that raises
Jul 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
holmes will be back in court, but there will be no pictures of him this time. judge william sylvester put the hammer down. no cell phones, laptops, ipads, or audio tapes allowed either all to make sure he gets a fair trial. jim spelman is live in sev centennial, colorado, where prosecutors are about to lay o their case against him, holmes, rather. >> reporter: just over two hours holmes will make his way from the jail right here through an underground tunnel into the courthouse to hear what's bound to be a long list of charges against him. at the hearing where accused gunman james holmes is scheduled to be formally charged his attorneys will argue that a package holmes sent to a psychiatrist before the shootings is protected communication between doctor and patient. this after a weekend of mourning for victims at memorial and funeral services in ohio, illinois, and texas. for matt quinn and third generation navy man larimer who died while shielding their it girlfriends of gunfire -- >> greater love to lay down his life for friends. >> reporter: and for jessica, a budding sportscaster whos
FOX News
Jul 20, 2012 1:00pm EDT
-old james holmes was a medical student at the university of colorado studying neuroscience. for some reason about a month ago he just dropped out without explanation. in fact we are waiting for a statement from the university momentarily. if we get that we'll read it to you. we have also confirmed that he got his undergraduate degree in neuroscience from the university of california riverside, about 70 miles from where we are right now. the question in those would be, does he have some kind of experience with chemicals or explosives through his training in college, and in post graduate school? the question also becomes, what ties did he have to weapons, right? he had four guns on him. we are talking about a semi automatic rifle, a shotgun, and two handguns. we know that he has no concealed carry weapon. he has no hunting license. he has no fishing license. and no ties to the military, yet he was armed to the teeth. he was also found to have inside his apartment buckets and buckets of ammunition. but, again, no ties to the military. adam was talking about his apartment. that apartment comple
Jul 9, 2012 3:00am PDT
not be swimming. >> uh-uh. >>> later this half-hour, new inside information about the tom cruise/katie holmes' divorce. what attorneys are apparently discussing behind closed doors and how it impacts their young daughter suri. >> maybe a good thing it will play out at the negotiating table instead of court. you have a child involved. you don't want that mess coming out in court. it's good maybe they will handle it quietly. >>> before all of that, the computer threat that could cause a monday morning meltdown. >> unsuspecting folks around the country and around the world in fact who have infected computers might find themselves unable to get online today. abc's matt gutman explains this problem and how time has run out for the fbi's solution. >> reporter: the doomsday drum beat sounds an awful lot like the y-2-k panic. y-2-k failed to boot up. but this virus, called simply dnschanger, already has. still lurking in 250,000 computers worldwide, the u.s. alone, at least 50,000 computers will go dark if they don't apply a software patch to fix the problem. the world discovered dnschanger last nove
Jul 9, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, but residence say it's a miracle that no one was killed. a live update at the top of the hour. >>> katy holmes and tom cruise have officially reached a settlement, bringing an end to their five-year marriage. holmes filed for divorce late last month. no details have been made public, but they issued a joint statement, saying they will work to do what's best for their daughter, suri. >>> president obama upping the ante today. instead of urging tax increases for americans -- he's aiming now for tax hikes. republicans say raising taxes will not put americans back to work and could further stall the economic recovery. >>> on wall street stocks extorted the new trading week on a negative but relatively flat note. and the s&p 500 ended with a two-point loss. >>> two months ago, a simple ziplining accident led to a medical nightmare that changed aimee copeland's life forts. she was infected with a flesh-eating bacteria. she's still recover. copeland just started rehab their, and her progress is remarkable. gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: for most people they're everyday tasks, for aimee copeland
Jul 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
. >>> blackouts, suspected shooter james holmes back in court. you won't see him no cameras, n cell phones, no recording devices. why aren't you being allowed to see what's going on inside the courtroom? >>> a mistake -- dick cheney coming out swinging, being one of the few top republicans to say john mccain's pick of sarah palin as vp was a bad choice. >>> and they call her the missile, missy franklin, just 17 and already turning heads in london. the female michael phelps, as some call her, dives in today for two very crucial races. "newsroom" begins right now. >>> good morning. thank you so much for joining us. happy monday to you. i'm carol costello. we begin in poland this morning where just a few minutes ago mitt romney arrived on the third and final leg of his overseas trip. but it's his tough talk on iran that's still getting a lot of attention. romney says no option should be taken off the table to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> we must not delude ourselves into thinking containment is an option. we must lead the effort to prevent iran from building and possessin
Jul 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
that it's over. just days after they split, tom cruise and katie holmes among the most watched celebrity couples in this country announced today they've settled their case. they're walking away. they've formally agreed to end their five-year marriage. our report tonight from nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: the end of the marriage came as quickly as it started. >> have you ever felt this way before? >> reporter: tom cruise who once jumped on oprah's couch to announce his whirlwind romance today issued a joint statement with katie holmes asking for privacy and expressing respect for each other's commitment to each of our respective beliefs. >> i think when they make reference to each of our respective beliefs, they're really talking about scientology and the fact that katie was never very much onboard with tom's religion. >> reporter: cruise the world's most famous member of the controversial church of scientology. holmes was raised catholic and portrayed in the tabloids as a woman trapped in a controlling marriage. today she was spotted taking 6-year-old daughter suri to a museum and
Jul 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and katie holmes. a public relations challenge for the church of scientology. we're going to look into connections to hollywood and the church when "360" continues. in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it and tailors it across all the right points, automating all the right actions, to bring all the right results. [ whirring and beeping ] it's the at&t network -- doing more with data to help business do more for customers. ♪ to help business do more for customers. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at those little things for you, life's about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's righ
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